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(New) Leadership Essentials

From organizational management to staff management

Manage the organization and lead employees - be competent, clear and inspiring. This is what KICK OFF consultants convey in "development sprints" - leaps of progress - for executives. Besides developing the person, the focus is also on strengthering decisiveness: from management to leadership / from goal setting to goal achievement / the relevant essentials.

Which topics we covered in the development Sprints

Development Sprints of the (New) Leadership Essentials are offered as half-day modules and can be put together according to your own wishes. The topics are:

Set goals or the art of movement
Recognizing, promoting and challenging talents or the art of maximum performance
Leading teams or the art of synergy
Feedback or the art of promoting strenths and weakening weaknesses
Management Coaching or the art of finding your own way
Group dynamics or the art of integration
Me as a leader or the art of knowing yourself
Self-guidance or the art of self-knowledge
Structure of my team or the art of clarity

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