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The art of negotiating successfully and with joy

Learn from and with our KICK OFF consultants,
as you lead successful negotiations even under tremendous pressure.
Learn how to conduct negotiations and stay tuned to achieve your goals.

Like our "(New) Leadership Essentials", the topic of negotiation is offered in Development Sprints so that it can be put together according to your wishes and needs.

Which topics are covered in development sprints

The development sprints on the subject of negotiation are available on the following topics:

The logic of the negotiation - or the art of the lowest common denominator
The conversational forms of the negotiator - or the art of orientation
Success factors in the negotiation - or the art of preparation
Argumentation - or the art of convincing others
Negotiation - or the art of being one step ahead
Concession management - or the art of give and take
Intercultural negotiations - or the art of working with others
Negotiation psychology - or the art of X-ray vision
Talents in the negotiation - or the art of maximizing one's own style of negotiation

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