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Process & Project Leadership

Successful solutions need professional Process Management

For us, successful solution concepts are clearly a combination of process and project knowledge as well as systemic expertise. And it is precisely this combination that KICK OFF consultants use when designing projects and processes for customers. The human-oriented implementation is important to them - with determined energy to change.

case study

KICK OFF teamed up with the Board of Directors to install a project group for the successful implementation of a corporate change towards a process-oriented organization. In addition to an internal project manager, KICK OFF provided an external project manager had accompanied the entire implementation period. He was instrumental in the development of a meta plan comprising more than 60 projects and has implemented various formats together with the group - in addition to founding a sounding board, focus groups on conflict and error culture as well as culture of change have been set up, weekly project controlling and project meetings were held and a weekly market place held to exchange views with employees. During the course of the project, the topics of corporate culture and knowledge management were dealt with as well as a Future Day organized with external speakers. The development of a comprehensive and detailed process map, as well as the accompaniment of process documentation and a subsequent conception of a new organizational structure were further performance modules. In addition to the project work, KICK OFF was also active in the processing of systemic and psychological topics in the company and played a key role in the success of the entire change.

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