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Rocket Model

tool for boosting the team performance

The Rocket Model© is a framework and set of tools for boosting team performance. It can be used to diagnose team dynamics, and to provide leaders with specific tools and activities to improve team performance. It was created in response to questions and requests from actual managers working in organizations all over the world – managers struggling to transform their people into effective teams. Developed by Dr Gordon Curphy and Dr Robert Hogan, it combines research and experience from leading experts in human behaviour, leadership and team dynamics.

It consists of the following 8 dimensions, which are decisive for team performance:

  • CONTEXT: What (critical) assumptions do we have for our environment?
  • MISSION: Why are we here? What do we want to achieve? What are our goals?
  • TALENT: Who is involved? Do we have the right people? Do we have the talent we need?
  • NORMS: What are the rules? What rules do we set ourselves?
  • BUY-IN: Are we all committed to success and to the goals?
  • POWER: Do we have the necessary resources and decision-making authority?
  • MORALE: How do we get along with each other? How do we work through disagreements? Are we capable of conflict?
  • RESULTS: Are we achieving our goals? Are we moving the needle? Do we recognize the progress?

The Rocket Model© makes it possible to tackle the dimensions that are important for team performance and only then to decide on and develop appropriate AND effective measures. It therefore serves as a basis for recognizing strengths and weaknesses after a team discussion on the results and for implementing specific team development measures.


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