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Discover three basic principles of great competency and talent management

Precise assessment of development potential

In contrast to classical psychological tests, the Talent and Motivation Analysis (TMA) is based on the "true" talents of a human being. Based on this true potential, it is not only possible to predict very accurately how far candidates or employees will succeed in a specific context (position or environment). Rather, development potentials can also be estimated precisely.

When a talent and motivation analysis makes sense

Talent and motivation analysis is used in the selection of candidates, training, assessment or development. But even before the career choice, in the course of career development or as an additional module in teambuilding and coaching processes, a TMA analysis is helpful and enlightening.

Which instruments and modules are used in the TMA analysis

To find out, the TMA analysis uses different tools and (expert) modules, for example

Talent and motivation analysis
Team analysis, ideal profile and matching modules (matching)
Competence Manager
Competence analysis (360 ° / 90 ° / 0 ° feedback)
capacity analysis


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